Private yoga

Charlie Speller Forrest Yoga Teacher London, Swindon, Oxford, Bath, Bristol

60-90 minutes of me focusing wholly on you

Aerial yoga therapeutic assistWhether you’re working with an injury, have a fast-paced lifestyle, a need to feel grounded or just want to improve your practice — a private class could be just what you’ve been looking for…

The kind of things we can work with or on:

  • Posture and alignment
  • Injuries — back pain, tight chest/rotator cuffs, hamstrings, neck pain, shoulders, wrists, knees…
  • Emotion — Stress, depression, confidence/empowerment, relaxation
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Breath
  • Detoxifying. My sessions are hot yoga sessions. The heat helps to clean out toxins from your cell tissue. We use heat as an ally.

All of my private classes are completely tailored to your specific needs. I design the class theme, breathing exercises, poses and sequences around the things you need to work on for wellbeing and/or fun! I use the Forrest Yoga principles, which include intelligent sequencing to bring healing, amazing hands-on assists and useful breathing techniques.

I’m also a reiki practitioner and Shaman —  your session can include a blend of these too.

How it works

Typically, we’ll have a chat a couple of days before the yoga class so that I can pull together a detailed plan. If you have a quiet space at your home or office we can practice there or I can arrange use of a studio. The type of space might depend on the class that you need, but we can always find something that works.

I offer my private yoga classes in Swindon, Cheltenham, Bath and the Cotswolds. I also have private yoga clients in London and the Croydon area.

How much?

First session (60 minutes) = £40

First session (90 minutes) = £50

60 minutes = £55

90 minutes = £65

If you’re super keen and would like to book more than one private yoga session at a time, I’ll happily offer a 10% discount. I can take cash, cheque, face-to-face card payments or PayPal.

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