Charlie Speller Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher Swindon

Massage for healing injuries, dissipating tension, relaxation and balance.


Our body is the blueprint of our  life — every experience, every emotion is recorded in our cell tissue —happiness, trauma, fear, excitement, sadness… Oftentimes, tension get’s locked-up and blocked inside — causing physical pain or illness. Getting bodywork (massage) is a fantastic way to ease out what causes hardness or pain.

What to expect…

First, you receive a visual assessment of where tension manifests in your body. We discuss what I see and I pick the priorities for our bodywork session. By the end, you will feel much more relaxed, balanced and out of tension. I use a range of bodywork techniques including tension release, myofascial release and some specific to Forrest Yoga.

My extraordinary teachers: Brian Campbell, Ana Forrest, Ellen Heed, Jambo Truong.

Depending on what you need, I may suggest some Forrest Yoga poses, meditation or breathing techniques for your own practice. That way,  you begin to take control of your own wellbeing… with my help and support. That’s very empowering!

What you’ll get from bodywork sessions
  • Improved posture & breathing
  • Time to work on a specific physical or emotional issue
  • A tailored programme for ongoing use
  • A pathway for you to bring your spirit — whatever brightens you — into your life & body

I offer massage in Swindon, Cheltenham and the Cotswolds, Bath and London.


60 mins: £55

90 mins: £70

*Discount available for 3+ block bookings





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