Bringing new life onto the planet is no small feat. Forrest Yoga for pregnancy can be extremely empowering and therapeutic throughout each stage of pregnancy:

Pre-pregnacy yoga

  • Can help to stimulate conception.
  • By zinging your core with breath, energy and feeling, you can begin to create an inviting place for an embryo to grow.
  • Develop physical and emotional strength in preparation for 9 months of growth & getting you ready for giving birth.

Ante-natal yoga

  • Build physical and emotional strength in preparation for giving birth and then motherhood.
  • Gives you an opportunity to focus on you and the baby, without any interference or distractions.
  • Time to develop a stronger energetic connection to your baby.
  • Deal with any fear or anxiety you may have.
  • Allow yourself to celebrate your brilliance.

Post-natal yoga

  • Nurture your body. Recognise it’s changes and begin to rebuild your physical strength from within.
  • Clear out any aches, pains and brain fog.
  • Use your breath as an ally to combat fatigue and move fresh blood into your cell tissue, especially any damaged spots.
  • Turn on your endorphins — the feel good hormones — and ease out stress, exhaustion and/or depression.
  • Connect to you — to how you feel and what you need right now.

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