My yoga story

Charlie Speller Forrest Yoga teacher

I’m in my thirties and had a successful marketing career in London. I ditched my corporate life to do yoga teacher training in Texas with the amazing Ana Forrest.

Yep, big change, but I did it! I’m a Certified Forrest Yoga teacher and I love it. Take one of my Forrest Yoga (hot yoga) classes in Swindon or Bath, or sign up for a private lesson.

It all started for me in August 2010 at a Yoga Surf retreat in Portugal. After 2 yoga classes a day in a beautiful valley with a view of the sea in the horizon, I was hooked. When I got home, I found a yoga studio nearby and I’ve not looked back…I used to be a slave to the gym, and into high impact sports, running, boxing — you name it… Yoga started off being about fitness and maintaining weight, but it’s now so much more…

Luckily, at the studio I first practiced at, I was able to try a real assortment of yoga styles, like Hot Yoga (similar to Bikram), Vinyassa Flow, Anusara, Forrest inspired yoga, Jivamukti, and Iyengar. I gravitated towards particular teachers and the variety of yoga and teaching techniques really helped me to hone in on what really worked for my body, mind & Spirit. I’m way more grounded and connected to my body and my instincts than I’ve ever been and I suppose I proved that to myself by dropping everything, following my gut and doing the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, particularly as I have a husband and had a mortgage to think about! Thank you husband for being so blo*dy supportive! Since I started yoga, what I want out of life has become so much clearer. I’m enjoying not over-thinking or complicating things too much and I suppose going with the flow a bit more than I ever thought I could. I thought if what I’m learning along the way could help someone else take the leap or make a positive change why not put it out there. So here we go…

We all have chitta or ‘mindstuff’ going on and yoga really is a way to calm and ultimately stop the mind from travelling at a million miles an hour…. maybe my chitta can help you to calm yours? Can’t promise that it will, but I’ll have a good go!

More about Charlie’s Yoga style


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