Charlotte Speller Horse stance yoga pose

Case studies, feedback, kind words…

Since I started teaching, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people. I thank them wholeheartedly for their kind words and support.

Forrest Yoga retreats with Jambo & Charlie are amazing. Testimonial for 2012 Forrest Yoga retreat.


“Thanks so much for a great class yesterday. I’ve woken up today without pain in my shoulders for the first time in weeks and they feel more aligned!”  Natalie, London.




“An avid yogi and longtime runner, I arrived in London from Chicago with a severe low back disc injury making every step I took extremely painful. Charlie Speller was referred to me by my Forrest yoga teacher in Chicago as someone who could help. Charlie was incredible! From her prompt response to my desperate email to her flexibility in fitting me in her schedule twice and willingness to travel across London to come to me, I was grateful before I even met her!

During our yoga sessions, Charlie’s care and concern for every aspect of my being came shining through. She is a true healer of body and Spirit. Her bright energy, healing touch and inspiring words were exactly what I needed. Charlie creatively and thoughtfully crafted sessions to help with my acute pain; she helped make it possible for me I enjoy my stay and survive the 8 hour flight home; and her advice continues to inspire me to create the life I want to live.”

Rose, Chicago.


“I’m really enjoying your classes, it’s amazing how I get so much more benefit from yourclass once a week. I always look forward to it. I used to go to (bikram/ & power yoga ) three or four times a week and wonder why it wasn’t doing anything for me! I’m feeling so much stonger, it must be all the evil abs you make us do!!!”

Kirsten, London.


 Forrest Yoga retreats with Jambo & Charlie are fantastic. Testimonial for 2012 Forrest Yoga retreat.

“You rekindled my love of and engagement with yoga in a way that felt authentic, exploratory and exciting” 

Thuli, London.


“I came to your class last night and you showed me what to do to avoid tension in my neck. It helped a lot – I just would like to thank you once again, I feel much better today and I liked your class very much.”

Renata, London.



“I was first introduced to ‘the heart’ of Forrest Yoga by Charlie Speller. Having booked to attend the Big Web Yoga weekend, I became poorly and didn’t know if I would be able to make it. I got in touch with Charlie and she was supportive and kind. This really encouraged me. In the end, I did make it and haven’t looked back. There is something extremely special and unique about Forrest Yoga that enabled me to move into my body (and so, life!) more than any other Yoga I have encountered (I have been practising for 7 years). I attended one of Charlie’s workshops and got a lot out of it. There’s a subtle intelligence to Forrest Yoga I am still grasping and Charlie shared this through her positive, generous and uplifting spirit. She also gives very clear instructions that support a sense of security and trust in what is happening in the room. I would not hesitate to recommend a workshop of class given by Charlie to anyone. She’s fantastic. Thanks Charlie.”

Dawnie, Newcastle.


Testimonial for Charlie Speller and Jambo Truong Forrest Yoga retreat

“Charlotte, thank you for your time and care in my lesson earlier. I feel that you taught me some amazing ways to relax and regenerate, I enjoyed it so much and feel confident to venture further into Forrest Yoga. You are truly amazing and inspirational.”

Cerisa, Swindon.



“Charlie initially  spent time finding out how I was feeling and what had been going on for me.  She listened attentively, heard and understood what I was saying and then used the information to good effect.  She spent an appropriate amount of time on this and then moved on to using the yoga practice to achieve the identified and agreed intention.  Her tone of voice was very pleasant to listen to and I could easily understand the directions she gave throughout the session as they were clear and concise.  The sequencing was intelligent, challenging and enjoyable and brought up a lot of energy and emotion for me.  There were a range of poses.  We focused on the breath and the colour that I had identified in our discussion and I felt this was meaningful and timely.  The hands on corrections were effective along with massage and manipulation that was strong, but not overly so, effective and felt lovely.  I believed that the teacher was intuitive to what was needed and I trusted her judgement, skills, knowledge and experience.  This enabled me to let go and go deeper into the breath and postures.  My emotions and feelings ranged from rage to bliss and prompted various sounds from me that helped me achieve a sense of release and growth.  I felt so good at one point in the class that I commented on it being ‘better than sex’!  By the end of the class I was in a state of bliss.

Lyn, Bath.


“Your classes are so enjoyable from asana, inspiration or spiritual direction. I look forward to your classes next term.”

Phillip, Bath.



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