About Charlie

Charlie Speller Forrest Yoga teacher

Charlie Speller Forrest Yoga teacher London, Swindon

I took a risk — I ditched a successful marketing career in London to take Ana Forrest’s Foundation Teacher Training in Texas…

It was the most intense month of my life and since then I haven’t looked back. I’ve changed my life and I’m working towards completely ‘living the dream’ and it feels good!

I think of myself as an up-beat, compassionate Forrest Yoga teacher that loves to work with students from all walks of life and levels of ability — including those with injuries and/or stress.

Where I’m coming from…

Our bodies tell a profound story of our unique and individual lives – it’s fascinating and I like to honour that in my classes. I teach a dynamic, strong practice, working to find a deeper understanding of your emotional and physical self. When you leave class, you’ll feel energised — and importantly — empowered.

I hit major burn-outs in my corporate career and pushed myself to my limits in sport, which brought with it immense stress. In my yoga classes, I like to draw on my experience of high-pressured environments and healing past injuries from impact sports, to guide you through an exhilarating, yet safe yoga practice.

My yoga style…

My yoga classes are strong — sometimes we go deep, physically and/or emotionally. That doesn’t stop them being fun and up-beat too. In class, we always focus on what you can do, not what you can’t! I always set an intent for each class — to help guide your practice. For example; feeling and listening to your body and Spirit; addressing a skewed work-life balance; connecting to breath, getting grounded, working struggle-free… to name a few of my favourites.

It sounds cliched, but it’s true — Forrest Yoga has brought so much to my life. Not that I was ‘unhappy’ before, but city life can make you numb… and yoga rescued me from that. It has given me back the ability to feel, to soften my hardening exterior, to contemplate being kind to myself and to actually do it!… For that (and so much more) I am so grateful. I’m totally stoked that I get to share Forrest Yoga with others.

More about me…

As well as the yoga classes in Swindon, Bath and London, I teach yoga workshops in the UK (Bath, Bristol, Peterborough, Swindon), Europe and beyond, and run yoga retreats several times a year. There, I really get to help people change their lives — fast — to me that’s such a beautiful thing to see.

My ultimate goal is to create a life that makes me proud of myself, a life that is fulfilling. That sometimes means facing things that are ugly and difficult — on and off the mat — but if the reward is happiness, then I’ll have some of that, please! This is the philosophy that I like to share with students, family and friends.

Always something to learn…

In yoga, you’re always a student. Since completing the Forrest Yoga mentorship programme with my mentor, Brian Campbell, in 2013, I’ve finished the 300+ hours of Forrest Yoga Certification homework and I am now one of a handful of fully Certified Forrest Yoga teachers in Europe.

I’ve up-leveled my Usui Reiki Reyoho skills and continue my Shaman studies each year. My learning continues… in 2013 I was selected to assist my amazing yoga teacher Ana Forrest for the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in Cape Town, the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training in London, The Big Web Yoga Weekend, Workshops in Berlin & Yoga Journal Moscow. In 2014 I assisted the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training in Sydney, Australia & Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in Peterborough, UK in August 2014. I was Ana’s Lead Assistant for workshops in Berlin & Athens in 2014, and in Melbourne & Sydney, Australia at the beginning of 2015.

I am now a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance UK.

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