Yoga classes

Dragonfly Pose, Charlie Speller Forrest Yoga Hot Yoga Teacher Swindon and Bath

Forrest Yoga classes

With Forrest Yoga teacher, Charlie Speller

Join me for Forrest Yoga. It’s the perfect class for people of all abilities, especially beginners and those with injuries. Relieve those stressed out necks and shoulders, get to know your body and say hello to your Spirit — damn, it’s great to feel alive! Forrest Yoga is taught in a hot yoga studio, heated to about 28-30 degrees celsius.

I’ve moved to the south of France!… to set up a beautiful yoga retreat & wellbeing centre, I will be back in the UK for yoga workshops, private yoga & bodywork sessions. I work with private clients in Swindon, Bath, Oxford and the Cotswolds.

Regular classes:


AM — Private yoga & bodywork sessions only

18h30-20h — Forrest Yoga, Lumaia Yoga studio, Larroque-Magnoac, France



10h30-12h00 — Forrest Yoga, Lumaia Yoga studio, Larroque-Magnoac, France

14h-17h — Private yoga and/or bodywork sessions only

20h15-21h30 (UK time) — Live online Forrest Yoga class (incl. pregnancy modifications), BOOK ONLINE YOGA CLASS 

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