Forrest Yoga Inspired Shamanic Workshop 

Finding your Spirit Animals

When: :11am-2pm, Saturday 11th March, 2017

Where: Wild Wolfs Yoga, Bristol, UK

img_8723 Animals are powerful teachers…

Ancient civilisations and tribal communities from all over the globe recognised and
honoured animals as their Spiritual Guides and companions.

We now live in a hi-tech and fast-paced world, yet that ancient wisdom of our ancestors is still hard-wired into our cell tissue… Let’s access it!

In this workshop

Charlie will guide you through a delicious Forrest Yoga practice and variety of titillating and exploratory exercises, including a guided ‘journey’ to help you bring your Spirit animals to the forefront of your being.

Snuggling up with your Spirit Animals will help you to:

  • Discover your own unique gifts
  • Step into your power
  • Nurture and heal yourself
  • Begin to feel the web of life that connects us all

Come and bond with the animal powers!