Forrest Yoga Inspired Shamanic Workshop 

A Woman’s Story

When: 3pm-5:30pm, Saturday 11th March, 2017

Where: Wild Wolfs Yoga Studio, Bristol, UK

 In ancient times…Charlie Speller Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher Swindon

…multiple generations of our female ancestors would gather together each month to share wisdom and knowledge, pass on skills, support one another and tell stories. Over time this practice has mostly eroded and women have learned to be suspicious of one another, to compare, compete and in many ways have been encouraged to disconnect.

Ladies, come together for a deeply nourishing Forrest Yoga practice, a taste of Ceremony and an opportunity to connect and honour our collective wisdom.

This special session is open to women of any age and any level of yoga experience. Pregnant ladies especially welcome.

Bring a pen and paper/journal and your willingness to connect.

Let’s soak up the beauty of each other’s company.