The time is now

Gwithian towansWith only 5 more days of teacher training with Ana Forrest left, she’s still giving us so much food for thought.

Apart from ‘speed sequencing’ we’ve been doing over the past few days – today we got 15mins to design a 90min backbend class and then teach it (it was awesome by the way, so I’ll be passing on some of this love to whoever I’m teaching when I get back!) — it doesn’t stop there though. That was pretty challenging and definitely got me learning – fast!  We’ve also been busy practicing more of the most therapeutic and healing hands-on assists that I’ve ever had. But the most extraordinary thing from the last week or so was ‘Your future/wiser self meditation’.

I’m sure we’ve all wanted to know what the future may hold and this is mostly about how to get there. About taking control and growing into the person that you really want to be. We got guided through a number of questions while we thought about our place of sanctuary — a place where soul, heart and spirit feel at home — and visualised the person that we want to be.

Namby pamby?

I guess it might sound a bit loopy to some, but a bit like the death mediation that we did – it certainly gets your priorities straight and makes the petty things that you can agonise over day-to-day seem a bit blo*dy insignificant!

So as a quick example, physically, my future self had a relaxed neck, no tweaky hamstrings, and no pain in her shoulder as she walked along the cliff tops that overlook a gorgeous beach (I don’t mind sharing that with you all). And if I’m serious about becoming my future self, I kinda have to do some stuff look after my body, so not push myself into crazy poses until injuries (that I didn’t get from yoga, btw) heal and a few deep tissue massages on top wouldn’t go amiss 😉

Best thing about this particular aspect is that I can start to do them right now — I don’t have to wait.

Actions speak louder

So that’s kind of the point. You don’t have to wait to be the person you really want to be, you can totally start being that person right now. Sounds simple, but I can’t even count the number of times I’ve said things like…. ‘I’ll do this, when that’s happened’ or ‘I’ll wait until I’ve got that ‘thing’ over with before I think about doing this…’

It’s not totally about change, either — you obviously need to keep being and doing the things that are great about you already!

I invite you to try… think about the kind of person you want to grow into 🙂 and what the hell, give it a whirl — your future self can tell you what you need to do today, tomorrow, the next week, next month… to get there. I’m pretty sure there’s more on this in Ana’s book if you want the juicy details.

Tonight we were tasked to eat what and how our wiser selves would eat — we did, and it was fun!

2 responses to “The time is now”

  1. Loving your blogs Charlotte, sounds like you are having the time of your life!
    Its amazing to hear so much that you have learnt – i’ll definitely be buying Ana’s book!

    1. I’ll second that Charlotte – I’ve loved reading your entries. Your experience has truly inspired me; I can especially relate to your comments about the spiritual constraints of the corporate world.

      I can’t wait to catch up on your return and of course, to do one of your classes! I think I too will need to buy Ana’s book – the idea of the death meditation, among other things, has fascinated me.

      Have a safe trip home and see you soon. xx


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