Forrest yoga teacher training 2011Two weeks into the Forrest Yoga teacher training and what a life-changing experience so far.

Firstly, this yoga training is really tough… hence the lack of blogging! Not only are we unlocking things about ourselves – good and bad, but we’re also learning poses, amazing hands-on adjustments, teaching skills, healing techniques, nutrition and anatomy — all in the very inspiring Ana Forrest way. For starters, we taught to the public within the first week after intense 12 hour days. Nothing like jumping in at the deep end, hey?!

Healing touch

Forrest yoga really is about spirit and healing – healing physical and emotional injuries and the more I practice this type of yoga the more enlightened I’ve become about how my body really feels about things. Where I carry stress and emotion what affect that’s having on me both physically and mentally. A fast-paced lifestyle really takes its toll on you, as does a society that encourages you not to speak your inner most truth — especially if you’re in a corporate environment…how many times a day do you hold your tongue?!

Going deeper

It wasn’t like I had ‘issues’ before I left, far from it, but always filling life/time up with ‘stuff’ just means that you can ignore what’s really going on and what you really need – including your true goals and dreams. Ana doesn’t let you do that, no way, and it’s actually pretty empowering.

The combination of our morning meditation, hardcore morning practice and Ellen Heed’s amazing insights and perspective on anatomy really proves how closely connected physical and emotional pain are. One thing I’ve learned about me is that I need to give myself a break more blo*dy often!

Light-bulb moments

I’d been making plans to change my lifestyle before I came on the teacher training, so I was already on the right path, but yep – there have definitely been some real eye-openers. Ana takes you through what’s called a ‘death meditation’ (you can find it in her book Fierce Medicine), it’s basically a whole load of questions around the next/last 12 hours of your life…. I tell you what, it certainly puts things in perspective. All I can say is don’t leave it until tomorrow, if you can do it today!

Dr. Pressure…

So, yes, it’s been intense and I feel like I’ve taken in 6 months of information in 14 days. There’s so much more to talk about and I’ll break it down over the next few weeks, but time for me to prep for more teaching… I can’t quite believe that in two weeks, I’ll actually be able to start teaching yoga — a-ma-z-ing 🙂

Last words of wisdom, inspired by Ana Forrest – think about the person you’d want to be – what are their beliefs, their dreams, their ethics?… Start living the life you most desire.